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Realtor Referral Program

You Want Commissions,
We Want Rentals.

We partner with Toledo’s most qualified Realtors and Real Estate Agents as part of a best-in-class, mutually beneficial Agent referral program. Agents can earn $500 on each property management referral.

Oz Realty is The Best Rated Property Management Company In Toledo that values its relationship with real estate agents throughout the Toledo market. If for any reason a referred owner
decides to sell their investment property, we will always refer an owner back to that Real Estate Agent. To be on our preferred Realtor list for all other non referred landlords, please email admin@ozrealty.house.

How It Works: 

1) $500 referral commission per new management contract

2) Referral commission to be paid 3 months after successful landlord on-boarding

3) Only applies to single family homes

For multifamily properties up to 20 units, please email admin@ozrealty.house for further information.