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We believe that invoices from our competitors should come with a warning. Wondering why? Because they’re filled with lots of unnecessary, hidden fees that they conveniently “forgot” to mention at the start. This leaves customers upset and frustrated when they get their invoices.

At Oz Realty, we understand the importance of being transparent about our fees. That’s why our pricing structure contains no hidden fees. Plus, it’s affordable too! We take pride in having one of the most competitive fee structures in Toledo. So you don’t have to worry about breaking the bank. We’ll maximize the returns on your Toledo property while minimizing your expenses.

collection fee /


Placement /

1 mo. rent

Renewal /


New Property
Onboarding /


Upcharge /


Diamond Package

Discover our Diamond package – a first of its kind in the Toledo real estate market and the ultimate solution of convenience and affordability. This package is designed to incentivize our performance and for you to enjoy all the essential aspects of property management for a fixed price budget.

The Diamond Package is a set monthly fee and in its very own way like a property management “insurance policy” that can potentially save investors thousands of dollars in annual fees in case of eviction, maintenance repairs, tenant placement charges, vacancy, etc.

Fixed collection fee / $200

NO Lease Renewal Fee

NO Eviction Up-Charge Fee

No Maintenance Up-charge

NO Tenant Placement Fee

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