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Oz Realty FAQ

You asked, we answered.

Oz Realty offers rent collections and distributions, maintenance, online software portal, property showings and leasing, landlord and tenant relations and evictions amongst a handful of other ancillary services catered toward investment properties in Toledo.

We currently manage 400+ rental units in the Toledo, Ohio market and have a combined 50 years of experience amongst our company owners and staff. We have also been involved in over 1, 000 real estate investment transactions over 10+ years.

We regularly track market trends and statistics along with our countless years of experience.We can easily estimate what fair market rent is on any property in the Toledo, Ohio market.

Oz Realty currently manages over 400 properties from single family homes to multifamily in the Toledo and surrounding markets. We keep growing every month.

We have 5 full time members in our Toledo office. 4 virtual assistance and 2 individuals working from home. We also work with a variety of maintenance personnel, contractors and 3rd party property maintenance construction crews.

Oz Realty and our affiliate company Ohio Cashflow have been working hand in hand from day of being established. Ohio Cashflow is recognized as one of the most reputable turnkey real estate investment companies in the country. Click Here to find out more.

You can cancel the management contract at anytime with one month’s notice. 

We are fully licensed with the Ohio Division of Real Estate and insured in the state of Ohio.

Oz Realty is a privately owned and controlled company locally based in Toledo, Ohio.

We offer a few references on our website and you can also find reviews about Oz Realty on Facebook, Yelp, Trustpilot and Google. Alternatively, feel free to email support@ozrealty.house for more first hand reviews.

No. We don’t believe in charging our landlords a fee when their properties are vacant.

We pass on minor bank and online software portal charges to our landlords.

Although Oz Realty is a fully licensed and insured real estate brokerage in the state of Ohio. We don’t require our landlords to list their properties with our brokerage.

We up charge between 10-30% to cover administrative costs with scheduling, coordinating, and following up on conducted maintenance work.

Oz Realty requires every landlord to place a maintenance reserve for every property they have under management with our company.

Yes, all Oz Realty tenants are required to have renters insurance and are automatically enrolled through our “Residents Benefit Package”.

Our lease agreement has taken many years to compose and we’ve incurred many legal fees in doing so. We hope that you would trust us that our lease agreement is the best it can be.

Oz Realty is very strict on non payment of rent. From start to finish the eviction process should be complete within 4-6 weeks with vacant possession.

We are very thorough in the tenant pre-qualification process. We would never occupy a property with a prospect tenant that doesn’t meet our qualification criteria. A non paying tenant costs our company as much as it costs our landlords.

Oz Realty manages it’s entire property management operations through a property management software called AppFolio. It’s quite easy to get in contact with us through AppFolio and all parties should expect a reply within 24hrs.

Tenants can make rent payments through our online portal AppFolio or by certified check deposits.

Oz Realty conducts property inspection at the landlord’s request for a $250 fee.

We market our properties through AppFolio’s listing services which “blasts” all available properties across various property rental platforms. Our staff also posts the listings on local Toledo Facebook groups.

Oz Realty expects to tenant renovated and vacant properties within 6 weeks.

Every prospect tenant must show proof of income that is equivalent or 3 times higher than the monthly rental amount. NO prior eviction history and NO criminal back round. We also verify employment and get prior landlord verification.

Oz Realty prefers that every landlord checks the status of their portfolio through AppFolio. All information associated with their properties is updated in live time on AppFolio. Alternatively, you can always give us a call on (419) 740-6089 or email support@ozrealty.house

Our tenants tend to honor and stay for the full one year lease. Many of them extend their lease by an extra year.

Oz Realty offers a Toledo first “Diamond Package” fixed collection fee. Please Click Here to find out more.

Throughout Oz Realty’s operating history, we have kept our overall Toledo vacancies under 5%.