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About Dayton

Dayton is the sixth most populated city in Ohio. An influx of immigrants to the area has significantly contributed to the city’s huge population. This is a testament to the city’s desirability making Dayton a great place for property owners to invest.

Many people are drawn to Dayton because of its high employment rate, affordable cost of living, and accessible housing. This has resulted in robust economic growth which attracts many investors. Plus, the city is also conveniently located less than an hour away from Houston. Residents can easily view top-tier sports teams, participate in a wide range of activities, and access premium healthcare facilities.

Population Growth


People live in the Dayton metropolitan area


Dayton experienced a 0.54% population growth increase in 2023


Dayton is the fourth most populated metropolitan area in Ohio


Dayton is the sixth biggest city in Ohio

Job Market

In contrast to areas with job shortages across the nation, Dayton experienced a significant increase in employment opportunities. In 2022, the city ranked sixth in annual job growth, which equated to an increase of 15.3%. 

Experts have described Dayton as a city that’s welcoming to those looking for employment. Not only are there a wide range of employment opportunities, many companies in the city provide incentives such as flexible work arrangements, quality childcare options, and greater access to training resources. It’s believed that these benefits could be the driving force behind more people entering the labor force. This trend is expected to span over the next 5 to 10 years.


In 2023, approximately 377,100 people were employed in the Dayton metropolitan region

1600 new jobs

In August 2023, there were 1600 new jobs available in the Dayton metropolitan area.





Top employers in Dayton include Premier Health Partners, Sinclair Community College, and the University of Dayton

Real Estate Market

Dayton’s real estate market is moderately competitive. In November 2023, there was an increase in the number of Dayton homes sold compared to 2022. 1,175 units were sold in Dayton in 2023 which represents a 5.1% increase compared to 2022. The Dayton Daily News also reported that as a result of the decrease in mortgage rates, there was an increase in home sales two weeks before the holidays.  

Meanwhile, on the sellers’ end, Dayton homes on the market receive approximately three offers and are sold within a few days over a month. The average sale price of a Dayton home was $115K last year, which was a 12.7% increase.

41 days

Average time a Dayton home spends on the market

NAR Rankings

Dayton-Kettering, Ohio is poised as the third most promising metropolitan real estate market to look out for in 2024 


Median listing price of a Dayton home

Dayton Renters' Market

Dayton’s rental rates have been increasing as more have been choosing to rent homes over purchasing them. This choice is influenced by several factors including finances and employment mobility. In 2022, Dayton emerged as one of the smaller cities that experienced the highest surge in rental prices nationally. Investors have observed an average rent-to-value ratio in Dayton of 0.95%. This means investors can meet the desired 1% rule in Dayton. The Oz Realty team can provide investors with expert guidance to strategically invest and gain significant returns on their investment.


Average rent for a Dayton property

Affordable Areas

The most affordable areas in Dayton are Arlington Heights, Carillon, and Edgemont


of Dayton households are renter-occupied

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Established as a subsidiary company to Ohio Cashflow, Oz Realty is widely recognized as the best property management company in Toledo. From the very beginning, our team has always done well at working with out-of-state investors. Fast forward to the present, we have over a decade of property management experience. And thanks to our outstanding reputation for delivering high-quality service, over 90% of our clients outside Toledo trust us to manage their properties.


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We have 2 rental properties in Toledo and Oz Realty has been an excellent partner to manage and maintain them. Communication is good and while no one likes paying for maintenance, I feel their service costs are excellent. Looking forward to adding another rental in Toledo and having Oz Realty manage it.

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I am a first time out of state investor and chose Oz Realty due to their professionalism and promptness. I researched tenant and landlord reviews and decided to go with them due to their proven track record of performance. They held my hand through the purchasing process and my property was rented after rehab. They are truly a hands off Turnkey provider.


Oz has been a great company to rent through and work with. They have been very understanding and accommodating of my needs. After moving to Toledo and having a less than preferable experience, with a rental company I will not mention, Oz has been a great partner to rent through. I highly recommend.

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Oz Property Management is TOP NOTCH, VERY responsive and they keep you up to date with everything going on with your property. They work hard trying to ensure you get quality tenants and take care of problems quickly and efficiently.


I can’t recommend them highly enough. I’ve had really good experiences with them and feel that they are really on the ball. They are always eager to help you out if you have any questions and I feel like they are really honest people dealing in an ethical manner. I really feel like I have a personal relationship with the people I talk to. Awesome experience!

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Extremely trustworthy company backed by solid ethics and morals. So happy to have worked with Oz Realty and their outstanding team!

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