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Oz Realty is a full service property management company serving the Toledo, Ohio area. This means that we don’t just provide you with top-notch services, we can help you to find properties to invest in too! So if you’re looking for fully renovated and tenanted properties in Toledo, you’re in the right place!

Our team will help you choose a Toledo property that’s in a prime location with a strong rental demand. So don’t delay! Take advantage of our wide array of properties. And here’s the best part…we guarantee you’ll achieve high net returns of 8% or more!

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The #1 rated property management company in Toledo

Toledo, Ohio has been rated first choice for projected sales and growth rates in 2024. The city is a lucrative opportunity for real estate investors due to its affordable housing prices and high rental rate. Nearly half of all households in Toledo are being rented. Ohio Cashflow and Oz Realty are dialed into the market and understand the value in this market. That’s why our insight and rich repertoire of experience makes us the top-rated property management company in Toledo.

From the very beginning, our team has always excelled at working with out-of-state investors. Fast forward to the present, we have over ten years of Toledo property management experience and a successful track record collaborating with thousands of investors.

Over 90% of our clients trust us with their properties without visiting Toledo, Ohio. This is a testament to our reputation for delivering outstanding service.


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We have 2 rental properties in Toledo and Oz Realty has been an excellent partner to manage and maintain them. Communication is good and while no one likes paying for maintenance, I feel their service costs are excellent. Looking forward to adding another rental in Toledo and having Oz Realty manage it.

Richard Palmer

I am a first time out of state investor and chose Oz Realty due to their professionalism and promptness. I researched tenant and landlord reviews and decided to go with them due to their proven track record of performance. They held my hand through the purchasing process and my property was rented after rehab. They are truly a hands off Turnkey provider.


Oz has been a great company to rent through and work with. They have been very understanding and accommodating of my needs. After moving to Toledo and having a less than preferable experience, with a rental company I will not mention, Oz has been a great partner to rent through. I highly recommend.

Gregory Shaw

Oz Property Management is TOP NOTCH, VERY responsive and they keep you up to date with everything going on with your property. They work hard trying to ensure you get quality tenants and take care of problems quickly and efficiently.


I can’t recommend them highly enough. I’ve had really good experiences with them and feel that they are really on the ball. They are always eager to help you out if you have any questions and I feel like they are really honest people dealing in an ethical manner. I really feel like I have a personal relationship with the people I talk to. Awesome experience!

Mark Wheeler

Extremely trustworthy company backed by solid ethics and morals. So happy to have worked with Oz Realty and their outstanding team!

John Mesa